So you want to be an Audio Book Narrator?

So many actors I meet say they would love to record Audio Books. The money can be great and it looks like such an easy gig – you sit in a chair, read and that’s it. Easy peasy.

Narrating Audio Books is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Audio Book narration as a career involves using your acting skills in a completely new way. You are ALL of the characters in the play, each with a distinct and different voice, male and female, old and young, all ethnicities and nationalities with their unique accents.

There is a physical component to the art, because you must create the action while in a state of stillness, and do this for many hours. The audience can’t see your smile, they have to hear all of the emotions through your vocal representations. All the while not breathing audibly or popping your “p’s”.

There is also a great deal of research you must know how to do before you even start to record the book. I know because I have been recording Audio Books for 28 years. And, it can be the most rewarding and satisfying acting gig that you will ever have!

I have spent my life working as an Actor, Voice Actor and Audio Book Narrator.

I have a degree in classical theater from Boston University and returned home to New York City to begin what has been a crazy, wild ride of a career that includes a whole lot of years singing, dancing, and acting. I have toured in bands, performed in theaters around the country, acted in many films and even worked in Radio for CBS News.

For 25 years, I worked as an Audio Book Narrator at The American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, KY. During my tenure there, I recorded over 900 books of every genre by authors from around the world. Romance, History, Suspense, Self-help, Children’s books, Teen Dystopian Fantasy, Cookbooks, you name the genre, I have recorded it.

I also record Audio Books in my home studio for a very talented group of Authors who I am honored to call my friends. My Audio Books are available on Amazon, iTunes, Audible and Authors Republic.

Let me help you learn what it takes to become a successful Audio Book Narrator.

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